Milwaukee homicide suspect found hiding out in Madera home, standoff ends in arrest


The manhunt for a homicide suspect crossed state lines ending with a standoff in Madera Monday. 

Police said 23-year-old Victor Cintron is wanted for a homicide earlier this month in Milwaukee.

US Marshals tracked him to a Madera home near Hacienda and Coconut Streets where SWAT and police swarmed the neighborhood. 

“That’s when I got scared, I looked out my window and saw that all the cops were right there,” Giselle Flores who lives right nextdoor said. 

Police said Marshals reached out to them Friday after learning Cintron may be in the area.

“They’ve been conducting surveillance all weekend. They confirmed his location today,” Gino Chiaramonte a commander with the Madera police department said.

Cintron is wanted for a homicide in Milwaukee May 3. He’s accused of shooting and killing his ex girlfriend’s current boyfriend while they were in a car stopped at a traffic light. 

“I want him to pay, because it’s unfair. He was a father, he was a family person and he’s having a baby on the way,” Sullymar Rodriguez the victim’s cousin said. 

Chiaramonte said it’s not clear what connection Cintron has to the valley or who owns the house he was hiding in. They say he was alone inside as SWAT teams swarmed the block.

“They told him to put his hands in the air and that’s when he started walking out of the house,” Flores said.  

Eventually Cintron was taken into custody. 

“Negotiations went on for about two, almost three hours, and he finally came out on his own with his hands up so no force was used,” Chiaramonte said.

Cintron was booked into the Madera County Jail. Investigators are flying out from Milwaukee to question Cintron. 

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