FRESNO, California (KSEE) – It’s the up front and honest attitude of a Tulare County student that is earning him recognition for great character.

A lesson learned in a Harmony Magnet Academy High School engineering class: when you have a question, ask it. That’s what Sutter Lautenschlager did in Nathan Kieth’s engineering class. He was told to “copy” and learn some technical definitions but was concerned that could be copyright infringement.

“I genuinely wasn’t sure if I could take it word for word so I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t breaking the rules,” said Sutter Lautenschlager.

His thoroughness throughout the school year both online and in the classroom earned him this nomination by his teacher for great character.

“At that time he was exhibiting not just that but he wasn’t going to do anything wrong or anything that was going to put me in a bad position. so it’s almost like you have students watching out for your own back. and that is always comforting to a teacher,” said teacher Nathan Keith.

The question about plagiarism provided an opportunity to learn how copyright laws work.

Mr. Keith says Sutter is learning lessons far beyond engineering by asking important questions and communicating concerns.

“I also appreciated the fact that Mr. Keith saw something in me and that he trusted me,” said Sutter.