VISALIA, Calif. (KSEE) – A South valley eighth grader sets an example of good character by showing initiative with her school after a disappointing school election.

Elizabeth Garcia, an eighth-grader at Stone Corral Elementary in Visalia, was class vice president last year and was hoping to be president this year. This was a lofty goal for someone nervous about recording a campaign speech.

Elizabeth didn’t win, but what she did after the loss impressed teachers and staff like school counselor Susana Haro.

“After a conversation, she did kind of ask “Ms. Haro, is it ok if I can still work with the team, help guide them or something?” And to me, that just showed she took initiative. That’s a leader,” says Haro.

Ms. Haro says Elizabeth embraced taking on a supporting role which showed great character and her teachers are equally as impressed.

“She is kind and students and she especially the younger students, she is infectious and they are drawn to her because she’s so open,” says Lenor Roman, a teacher at Elizabeth’s school.

So, what may have been a disappointing loss has turned into a win, as eighth-grader Elizabeth Garcia serves her school and serves as a role model.  An excellent example of one student with great character.  

 “I didn’t win this year but I’m still able to help with ASB events and I think it’s very awesome. and cool,” says Garcia.