WOODLAKE, Calif. (KSEE) – A South Valley school is getting some students excited about a possible career in aviation and inspiring others.

It’s like taking driver’s training but in the sky. These students are in the Aviation Pathway at Woodlake High School.

“We’ve been practicing on the simulators, so we’re going to start flying soon. So it will be fun,” said Evan Bolanos, a student at Aviation Pathway.

Evan Bolanos has been a part of the program since it was introduced at the school last year.  He and fellow Aviation Pathway students Kimberly Pascual and Alyssa Coelho are loving the impact it had on their lives and where it could lead in the future.

“The feeling of just being a part of it from the very beginning and just watching it grow over time has just been wonderful,” said Bolanos.

Evan, Kimberly, and Alyssa have been nominated by the program manager for their good character. Ana Lugo says these students are leaders on campus and have embraced the opportunity to learn about every aspect of the aviation industry.

“Even the certifications have not been easy, especially this last one that they’re working on, they’ve had a positive attitude, they’ve worked hard and they deserve the honor that they’re given here,” says Lugo, the community engagement manager for Aviation Pathway.

The pathway was established and funded after a prize from the U.S. Department of Education. Last year, there were only three girls in the program. This year, Kimberly is proud her influence may have encouraged more girls to join.

“We were the first year and now I look at the second year class and I see more females in that class, I’m so happy for them,” says Kimberly Pascual, a student at Aviation Pathway.

Their dedication and drive are impressive.  With their great character, the sky’s the limit to what they can accomplish.