Mt. Whitney seniors weren’t able to play a single game of volleyball during their final year of high school. The COVID-19 pandemic shut down many competitive high school sports during the 2020 seasons.

“Obviously things weren’t going to to be the same,” said Breanna Jackson, Mt. Whitney senior.

However, despite the letdown, the team decided they were still going to meet outside of school to train for the day they could once again play competitively. The coaching staff lead players in intense workouts and outdoor practices 4 days a week.

“We had to take the approach as […] volleyball coaches,” said Victoria Johnson, Mt. Whitney volleyball coach. “That we are here to train for life because we don’t know what the season is going to hold.”

The girls say they formed a strong bond, cheering each other on through the pandemic and still giving the seniors a unique season to look back on.

“The workouts that we did were not only difficult and like pushing us,” said Jackson. “But they were fun and everyone just gained a lot of confidence.”