TULARE, Calif. (KSEE) – A South Valley middle schooler is leaving his mark, ahead of his transition to high school in the fall and is being recognized for his kindness and good character.

The 8th-grade year is bittersweet for these three buddies at Liberty Elementary School in Tulare. They move on to high school next year, a new campus, with new classmates, but for now, Joshua Villarreal and his friends Marcel and Cristiano are enjoying the last few months at Liberty while they can.

Joshua has made a great impression on his friends and at his school in general. He’s being recognized for his good character, which includes kindness and caring.

“I’ve talked to all the teachers that he’s had through the years, and everyone has said the same thing. They are very proud of him and know that he is the most caring person around,” says Robert Aldaco, a math teacher at the school.

And Joshua’s friends agree.

“I love talking to him. I spend most of my time during our breaks talking to him,” says Marcel Lopez, an 8th grader at the school.

“He’s just a wonderful and kind person, I’m glad I have him as my friend,” says Cristiano Ramirez, another 8th grader at the school.

Joshua says he learned to have good character from the people he cares about the most.

“I have a very nice family and they are always supporting, and I just love them, and they love me,” says Villarreal.

So next school year, Joshua will move on to high school no doubt continuing his caring ways as he makes more new friends, but he definitely will have left his mark at Liberty Elementary.

“I love Joshua, I love having him as a student. I sure am going to miss him after this year, but good things are going to follow him wherever he goes,” says Aldaco.