FRESNO, Calif. (KSEE) — A tough year for many reasons, especially for Wilson Elementary School fifth-grader Santiago Vazquez.

While going to school online, his mother became very ill and ended up in the hospital.

“I kept praying to God that she would be good and that God could cure her,” Santiago said.

During this time, Santiago ran into some technical problems– a weak wifi signal was causing glitches in his zoom classroom.

Determined to make it to the online class, he jumped in the backseat of his caretaker’s car and got to work.

“The car has good Wi-Fi and I actually made it to Zoom,” said Santiago.

“And I could see him in the back. He’s got his binder on his lap, his notebook, he’s writing, he’s looking at the camera, he’s answering questions, he’s doing his work in a car and I thought this is incredible. This is what responsibility looks like,” 5th-grade Teacher Melissa Graham.

It was this and his positive attitude while his mother was sick that earned him a nomination by his teacher for his great character.

“It was just so far above and beyond what I would expect from a fifth grader,” said Graham.

Santiago Vazquez proving that even through tough times, ‘Your Character Matters.’