TULARE, Calif. (KSEE) – A couple of Tulare Union High School students consider themselves brothers – now they’re being recognized for a friendship they formed during the Tulare County Fair.

Braxton Nunley and Alex Thorpe were supposed to watch their friend Wyatt showcase his pig at the livestock exhibit at the fair. However, they had just missed it because they had football practice.

“We didn’t know what time he was gonna show his pig, so we were texting, and he ended up showing when we were at practice,” says Alex Thorpe.

So they ended up showing up afterward and spent the entire day with him.

“I thought it was like the normal thing that we like both thought that,” says Braxton Nunley.

Both Braxton and Thorpe know how scary the first day of a freshman can be.

“Coming in the school it’s like different and everything is a little awkward at first I’d say,” says Braxton.

That freshman was Mark Hatton’s son.

“They reached out to my son that was very personal thing and at a time when he needed them they were there for him and you can’t repay that debt,” says Hatton.

After hearing about what happened he noticed Wyatt go from absolutely hating school to enjoying it a lot more.