VISALIA, Calif. (KSEE) – Being the core of a large group and low-key is no easy task, but one South Valley student can do just that.

“I knew about it. But I was kind of in awe that I got it,” said Bailey Robb, Ridgeview Middle School Student.

Robb’s teachers nominated her for Your Character Matters. They describe her as quiet, low key and a little shy. But that is the complete opposite when she plays the tuba for her school’s marching band.

“The tuba is kind of the instrument that makes the foundation of the whole group. So, it is a very important instrument. And she plays it very well. She makes a good foundation for everybody else to be on as they are playing the music,” said Sarah Basiletti, Ridgeview Middle School Band teacher.

The eighth-grade student has been playing the tuba for the past year at Ridgeview Middle School in Visalia – but Robb has been playing musical instruments since she was five years old. She started out with the trumpet and her teachers knew she was ready for a new challenge.

“I had an individual trumpet lesson with Mr. Ray for high notes. And he recommended I try a bigger instrument. And I was wanted to kind of play,” said Robb.

Robb’s teachers had no doubt she would hit all the keynotes on the tuba but carrying the actual instrument is a different kind of beast.

This past December Robb marched with her fellow bandmembers at the Pismo Beach Annual Marching Band Review.

“They wear it on their body, and it is very large. They don’t always get to play the melody but without the tubas playing… the rest of it just doesn’t sound as good,” said Basiletti.

Robb is known for taking on hard work and responsibilities to make all her classmates look and sound good. That has earned her the respect of students and teachers.