FRESNO, Calif. (KSEE) – Honesty is the best policy. A South Valley elementary student followed that simple approach when he made a valuable discovery.

“My parents showed me how to be nice and not to grab things that aren’t mine,” said Diego Yanez Sandoval, Garden Elementary School Student.

A simple rule Diego follows each day at school in Tulare. But when this school year began for the third grader at Garden Elementary School, he discovered something very valuable to someone he had never met 

“It was the third day of class, and we were walking to PE and then I found a bracelet on the sidewalk. And I just picked up and gave it to my teacher,” Yanez Sandoval recalled. 

His teacher turned it into the school’s office, and they thought nothing of it. But to district employee Michelle Hulsey, that diamond bracelet was everything. 

She lost it a few days earlier when walking around campus. Hulsey works as a District Coordinator for Tulare City School District visiting several schools a week 

She retraced her steps, made phone calls, and sent e-mails asking if anyone found it. 

“When you raise your kids you hope that they do the right thing. You teach it, you model it. But you never know what once they go to school what happens. And so, she was just excited that he continued that,” said Hulsey. 

The secretary at Garden Elementary School told her a student found it. Hulsey soon asked to meet and thank Diego and his mother. 

She explained to them that the bracelet was a wedding anniversary gift from her husband.  Hulsey met him at Garden Elementary School where one of the gopher’s mottos is to do the right thing. 

Diego’s teacher uses him as an example of just that.

“Making those choices when nobody is around. And Diego didn’t do that, Diego didn’t pick up that bracelet because he thought he was going to get something out of it. He did it because it was the right thing to do,” said Brian Borowicz, Garden Elementary School Teacher.