TULARE, Calif. (KSEE) – A South Valley high school senior is being recognized for her great character, not only by her teachers and principal but by district leaders as well.

In Tulare, Sierra Vista Charter High School offers a hybrid, independent study format, but senior, Daisy Jackson, chooses to work on campus.

“I just like being in a school setting, it helps me focus on my education,” said Jackson.

Jackson’s principal, Daniel Dutto, says Jackson is driven and nice and noticed her great character when new students come on board.

“She’s usually the first kid to walk over, introduce herself, say hello, find out about the kid, on her own, because that’s what she does,” said Dutto.

Principal Dutto was so impressed, he asked Daisy to take on an extra task in presenting a report from Sierra Vista at the weekly school board meeting in Tulare County.

Dutto says Jackson shows up every time, every Thursday night, and that she is very articulate and very responsible.

“I just really like to help people and like to see people smile and make them happy.  If a teacher needs anything, they can always ask me for help, or any other student,” said Jackson.

She’s helpful, she’s friendly and she’s present, which is why 12th grader, Daisy Jackson, is a standout for her great character.