VISALIA, Calif. (KSEE) — Sofia Briseno, a sixth-grader from Pinkham Elementary in Visalia knew that not every student would be able to adapt to remote learning during the COVID-19 pandemic as easily as she could.

For that reason, Briseno and her teacher Frank Ghiglia sought to find ways to help her fellow classmates.

“Right off the bat she came up with tying our Pinkham agenda folder into a digital platform,” said Ghiglia.

Briseno’s idea would help keep students informed and organized.

“I created a video to help them keep up with their assignments,” explained Briseno. “And how to get their assignments done faster.”

Ghiglia says Briseno’s actions set an example for her peers.

“It really did put her in a place where, visually, students wanted to be more like her,” explained Ghiglia. “They wanted to be more studious. They wanted to be more caring.”

Her teacher says the sixth-grader went above and beyond, but Briseno says the true reward was the feeling brought on by seeing her classmates succeed.

“It made me very happy because I like helping others,” said Briseno.