Nalani Ginn spends much of her time participating in extracurricular activities at Mission Oak High School, a privilege she recognizes after COVID-19 forced some of her time in high school to go online exclusively. 

Ginn, a senior at Mission Oak, says, “I really missed being here when we were shut down. Just being around people.” 

The senior is a captain of the tennis team and is passionate about photography. Her teacher says she’s friends with everyone because of her involvement on campus. 

Laurie Jones, a speech, communications and English teacher says, “She’s in all these ‘teaming’ classes, yearbook, journalism, CSF Club, ASB so she has to be a part of a team in very different teams and she is able to kind of seamlessly weave her way through that and have lots of kids be attracted to her, her light.”

Her classmates notice that bright light saying she embodies the six pillars of character. 

“She always shows character in different ways — in the different clubs and classes that she takes, through teachers and students all around campus,” says Sage Silva, a senior at Mission Oak.

Nalani credits the positive atmosphere at Mission Oak and her teachers for her success in both academics and social settings. 

“The teachers here are really encouraging, so I have been able to do so well because of them,” Ginn says.

Nalani Ginn reminds us why Your Character Matters.