TULARE, Calif. (KSEE) – From a concept to a conference, Tulare County student-athletes are changing the game by working together to provide meaningful lessons and conversations. Their actions are earning them recognition for outstanding character.

A high school student-athlete conference put on by Tulare County students saw representatives from different schools in the district join forces and created a day centered around improving athletes.

The day consisted of break-out rooms where small groups learned about different aspects surrounding sports.

“It’s important for us to know how to go about certain things,” said Alex Elick, a senior at Mt. Whitney Wrestler and Golf Team. “Like the social media, that’s obviously a very big thing for high schools this day and age. Nutrition is very important.  How to set up for college scholarships, that is very important for student-athletes to know.”

Other students enjoyed seeing their hard work and ideas come to life on a larger scale than they had anticipated as part of a day dedicated to promoting the physical, mental, social, and moral development of student-athletes.

“It shows that what we have been doing in our lives on and off the court, have made an impact, have got us noticed,” said Mt. Whitney High School volleyball player Trinity Frederick. “So I think that recognition feels really great especially since we are going to be helping other people get that recognition too.”