DINUBA, Calif. (KSEE) – A senior at Dinuba high school wants to leave a lasting impression and make a difference for others before graduating. David Camarillo spends his time leading and volunteering with various organizations both in and out of school.

David serves as president of the HOSA Medical Academy, he’s the publicity officer for the NAMI Club, the president of the choir department, and volunteers with a local church.

“I kind of feel like I overextended myself this year because it is all good in the end because it is all worth it to get those memories of my senior year,” said David.

He says his desire to help others stems from his upbringing.

“I grew up with my grandparents and sometimes it was hard so I was like if I struggled with this, I know others are struggling. So I feel like I know what it is like to struggle. So I feel like I like to help others. So whenever NLC, New Life Community calls, I’m always like yeah let’s do it!” 

His teachers and club leaders say he is an example of an outstanding student with excellent character, participating in backpack and food giveaways for the homeless and always lending a helping hand.

David Camarillo proving Your Character Matters.

“One of the goals I set for myself my senior year is to see how big of a footprint I can leave on my campus and what changes I can make on my campus before I leave for college.”