VISALIA, Calif. (KSEE) – A student competing in the Tulare County Regional Science Olympiad helped out a rival school when they found themselves in a bind.

The Tulare Union team noticed the Mission Oaks High School team was in need of a rubber band to make their plane fly – after the one they were using snapped.

“We had a bag of rubber bands that already snapped once already so we were kind of freaking out a little bit,” said Mission Oaks’ Zachary Stevens Jr.

To their surprise, a student on the Tulare Union team offered to help. One of those students is Xavier Tinoco.

“We just wanted to do the right thing,” said Xavier. “You know, help out the other team. We all do come from the same city. We should help each other out.”

Both Tulare Union and Mission Oaks advanced to the next round of Science Olympiad competition. A proud moment for the teachers and science olympiad advisors who say this is what the science completion is all about.

“It just shows their character and how they are willing to help a fellow Tularian out,” said Tulare Union science teacher Pat McCue.

A gesture proving Your Character Matters.