VISALIA, Calif. (KSEE) – It’s the final weeks of learning as the end of the school year approaches at the Global Learning Charter in Visalia.   

7th and 8th-grade teacher Jennifer Morones is giving instructions on the latest assignment as students like 8th-grader Freddy Galindo get it done. 

Freddy moves on to high school next year, but he’s leaving a positive impression at this school. He’s being recognized for his good character and specifically respect.

“Freddie has already made that decision that I want to be somebody that gives that respect, so regardless of how you show up for me, I’m still going to extend respect before I even get to know you,” says Morones. 

Freddy says he learned about the importance of being respectful by observing two very important people in his life. 

“My parents told me to be respectful to everything and everyone no matter who they are,” Galindo says. 

In addition to being respectful, Freddy is humble. He says he never expected to be singled out for good character. 

“I was very shocked, I was also a bit embarrassed since I wasn’t prepared for this at all. I also feel proud since many other people could have got this award,” Galindo says. 

Starting high school means meeting a whole new crop of friends and school staff but one thing is for certain, Freddy will approach everyone he meets moving forward with respect. 

“He is off to bigger and better things and he is going to make such a difference,” Morones says.