Strong winds arrive Monday afternoon

Weather Forecasts

A dry storm system will cause strong Mono winds in Central California Monday and Tuesday.

Like Santa Ana winds, Mono winds are warm and dry winds that gain strength as they travel downslope, generally east to west. 75 MPH wind gusts are possible in the Sierra Nevada.

A High Wind Warning has been issued for the Sierra Nevada. The western ends of our counties are bordered by a Fire Weather Watch. Winds will affect the Valley, although they will not be that strong. There are no warnings for the Valley floor at this time.

High temperatures have run well above average lately. Fresno reached a high of 70 degrees Sunday afternoon. The average high this time of year is 55 degrees.

Highs drop into the 50s Friday with the arrival of a storm system with the potential to bring moderate rainfall to the Valley and snowfall to the mountains.

It’s still too early to predict precipitation amounts with much certainty but current model projections show a 0.2″ rain in the Valley and 1/2 foot snow from areas surrounding Yosemite to Huntington Lake. Again, these numbers will change depending on the timing and movement of this system.

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