The forecast up at the Oak Fire remains hot and dry with little day-to-day changes.  Light winds are very, very fortunate given the heat, low humidity and rapid spread of this wildfire.

Highs will continue to reach the mid 90s. Briefly breezy afternoons may occur next week with possible monsoon afternoon/evening thunderstorms across the Sierra beginning Wednesday.


Mostly Cloudy becoming partly cloudy with areas of smoke

Low 65

Max humidity 25%

Eye-level winds: North winds up to 4 mph in the evening shifting to the east up to 3 mph overnight

Surrounding ridge: North winds up to 5 mph

Mixing height (layering) lowering to around 100 ft AGL after 8 PM

Transport winds (movement from this direction) NE-5 mph


Mostly sunny with areas of smoke.

High: 95

Minimum humidity: 10%

Eye-level winds: South winds up to 5 mph in the morning shifting to the southwest by afternoon

Surrounding ridge: Southwest up to 5 mph

Mixing height: Rising to around 6100 ft AGL after 8 AM.

Transport winds (movement from this direction) SW-4 mph.