Heavy rain brings risk of dangerous flooding

Weather Forecasts

Heavy rain arrives late Sunday night and early Monday morning.

Fresno and the Valley could get an inch of precipitation.  It’s a lot for us to get at once. We only get 12 inches in an average year!

Mountain areas are of particular concern. For one thing, this atmospheric river setup is so warm it will fall as rain rather than snow except in really high elevations.  Snow sticks and slows the draining process.  Rain rushes downhill immediately and is much more likely to lead to flash flooding as it overwhelms the drainage capacity of creeks and streams. Plus, we have burn scars in our mountains.  Fire burned the ground cover necessary to prevent erosion and there’s a lot of loose material like ash and debris.  This could turn into debris and mud slides which can cover roadways for days, not to mention threaten life and property.

Temperatures stay below average through this storm.

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