Dry, gusty winds raise fire danger

Weather Forecasts

Gusty mountain winds raise fire danger Sunday through Tuesday.

The winds will be out of the east up to 25 mph in the mountains.  Gusts of 40 mph are possible (also in the mountains). 

This is serious because the high pressure situated on the other side of the Sierra makes for a similar setup to the windy weather at the start of the Camp Fire that burned Paradise.  It will be strong but perhaps not as extreme in Central California.  Expect breezy conditions in Fresno and the Valley.

Mountain areas are the main concern and dew points are low.  Not only will it be dry and windy, air warms as it moves from higher to lower elevations.  This is why Mono Winds are so feared when it comes to fire danger.

Winds will be strongest Monday.

This extensive dryness is one reason we’re no longer expecting much of anything as far as precipitation.  Chances are still best in the mountains Sunday.  There may be sprinkles but any showers first have to wet the air between clouds and ground enough so that the rain doesn’t evaporate before it reaches the ground.  And given the current profile that is a big ask. There’s some moisture there, yes, but to me looks insufficient.

Snow levels will be near 6,000′ nonetheless. Amounts of precipitation will probably be sprinkles but 1/10″ is a possibility under the right circumstances.  This roughly equates to a possible inch of snow.

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