Breeze will complicate efforts to control the Creek Fire

Weather Forecasts

A northerly breeze will complicate efforts to control the Creek Fire. Winds have been fairly calm in since the start of the fire Friday evening. Expect 15-20 MPH winds coming out of the north developing by dinnertime Monday.

As for heat, Fresno did not set a record Sunday. Highs of 110 were anticipated in the area, however wildfire smoke limited heating. Fresno reached 103 degrees. The record is 106.

Yosemite Valley reached 99 degrees Saturday and would have been at least as warm Sunday if not for thick smoke. Yosemite reached a high of 74 degrees under smoky skies.

An Excessive Heat Warning continues through the Labor Day holiday. Temperatures will be very hot the next few days and above average all week long.

A Red Flag Warning is in effect for the Sierra Nevada through Labor Day as well.

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