For Donald P Dick’s it’s the time of year that the phones don’t seem to stop ringing.

“Usually the first time it gets busy we go from looking for calls to not being able to keep up.” says Eric Marturama.

That’s because homes like this one in Clovis either need their air conditioners tuned up or fixed.

“Sometimes her unit is blowing hot air instead of cold air.” explains Donald P Dick’s technician Sue Xiong at his first home of three for the day.

Xiong says it’s best to keep up with your system before the heat actually hits.

“She was complaining that one of the zones was not working so I’m just up here inspecting the wiring for the zone control, the zone system here.”

And if you don’t have AC there are still ways not to be left out in the cold, or in this case the heat.

“What can I do to prevent the heat, that is the number one question.” says John Melikian with Fresno Ag Hardware.

Melikian adds that many come in during this time of year looking for any way to keep as cool as possible.

“This stuff right here it’s basically a gold nugget because when it gets hot liek this it’s the one thing that’s going to save you.”