FRESNO, Calif. (KSEE/KGPE) – As Hurricane Hilary continues to make its way toward California, parts of the Central Valley are already feeling the weather’s impact.

A significant band of storms swept through Saturday afternoon and evening, bringing a little bit of everything.

Strong wind, heavy rain, frequent lightning, and even funnel clouds could be observed as the storms paved their way through the Central Valley.

Trees that were once planted in the ground became uprooted after gusts of winds tore through the air.

Such weather conditions are not normally experienced in the Central Valley, leaving some to feel concerned.

“As the storm got stronger and stronger I got worried so we got worried so we closed up the garage and went inside and watched from a window the thunder came on very strongly the rain was very strong,” said citizen Able Medina.

Meteorologists say Hurricane Hilary is weakening, and it is forecast to be a tropical storm by Sunday afternoon as it moves into Southern California.