FRESNO, Calif. (KSEE/KGPE) – As what remains of Hurricane Hilary continues to make its way across the valley, people are continuing to clean up the mess left behind.

Trees across Fresno were uprooted and ripped from the ground as the stormy weather made its way across the valley.

Belmont Country Club looks something like a warzone after more than 40 trees came crashing down.

Amber Herman, general manager of the country club says some of the trees they lost were close to 70 years old.

“We love our trees at Belmont, it’s gonna take time to clean up and replace trees it will be a lot of work for us,” said Herman.

While the downed trees may be good news for golfers looking to improve their scores, Herman says we will probably never see trees like them again.

“Belmont was built in 1956 so I’m sure some of these trees, a lot of these trees have been there since then,” said Herman.

The country club was lucky as one tree was just feet from falling on top of the clubhouse.

Belmont Country Club was not the only business cleaning up today.

The high winds left more than just leaves in the lazy river at Island Water Park.

Signs and statues throughout the park fell over like dominoes.

The damage was so bad the water park was forced to shut its doors and give out refunds just minutes after opening for the day.

“It almost felt like a little twister came through here. It hit us and I cleared the park in about fifteen minutes. All of our guests were scrambling to get out of here and we had a lot of damage,” said General Manager of Island Water Park Bob Martin.

Anyone who comes across a downed tree can report it to the city by using the FresGo app.