Hundreds return this week


After a pleasant Father’s Day weekend with near-average temperatures in Central California, things are about to get much warmer once again.
High temperatures will jump several degrees on Monday. Expect a high of 98 degrees in Fresno. Skies will be clear for the most part except for partial cloudiness that will come and go in the early evening Monday.

Overnight lows get warmer. After a morning in the 60s — 68 degrees for Fresno — lows return to the 70s for much of the week ahead.

Expect 72 degrees overnight into Tuesday.

Then, temperatures return to triple digits with a high of 102 on Tuesday under clear, sunny skies.

Another 72 degree low Tuesday night into Wednesday with an even warmer high of 103 degrees Wednesday afternoon.

Clear skies continue as temperatures fall to 71 degrees Wednesday night into Thursday.

Thursday holds our final hundred of the week with a high of 100 degrees.

Clear and dry conditions remain as temperatures cool toward average again through next weekend.

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