Dozens of trees, power lines down in the City of Fresno during winter storm


Gusty winds mixed with rain is creating problems all over Fresno

A number of trees have been blown down onto cars, homes and are blocking roads.

“(The) top of the roof just flipping off, like final destination stuff,” says Tammy Lara, a Fresno resident.

Lara couldn’t believe her eyes when a gust of wind shook her car port and then saw a tree uproot at Clovis and Belmont avenues Thursday.

“Sure enough we heard the crackling and everything else,” explains Bill Hickman, a Fresno resident.

It was the crackling of a Redwood Tree crumbling in Hickman’s yard and landing on his son-in-law’s pickup truck.

He watched it happen, but when he took a closer look, he says the truck was not damaged.

“The light post behind us here acted as some kind of buffer,” Hickman explains.

Over at Yosemite and Belmont avenues, firefighters were called out to a tree collapsing into a fence and then the roof of a home. Luckily, no injuries were reported.

In southwest Fresno, a nearby elementary school lost power for a while when a massive tree toppled onto power lines.

On Dayton and Harrison avenues, a tree snapped off from the stump, crashing into the roof of an apartment.

This rare weather event is causing the phones to ring off the hook at Fresno’s City Hall.

“As a matter of fact we have reports of 25 calls of different tree down locations and they’re all over, it’s really impacted the entire city,” says Mark Standriff, director of communications and public affairs for City of Fresno.

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