Chris Casilas’ love of cars started with two wheels. Schwinn bikes specifically.

“Me and the neighborhood guys rode around on Schwinn bikes with a bunch of reflectors and lights on them and all that.”

“When you got older you were thinking ‘Man I want to get me a lowrider someday.’”

Casilas now has that dream car, a 1964 Chevy Bel Air that really turns heads with the custom chrome engraving on the bumper and grill, as well as the model replica of the car in the trunk. He ocassionally takes the Chevy out to cruise Fulton on Sundays. It reminds him of old times.

“It reminds me of way back in the Rainbow days by the Rainbow Ballroom on Broadway. We used to hang out there and park your lowrider. Back then all you had was lowriders.”

He’s happy cruising is alive and well on Fulton.

“It’s pretty cool the tradition is still here today.”