There’s a lot of hype around Marlins infielder Jazz Chisholm Jr. heading into the 2023 baseball season, especially after he graced the cover of the MLB The Show 23 video game last month.

The 25-year-old budding star apparently has his fair share of doubters coming at him on social media as well. To any critics of Chisholm, beware: he is keeping receipts.

Chisholm plans to prove the haters wrong this season after he tweeted a general message to anyone who may not believe in his abilities, adding that he thinks he could accomplish a difficult task this year.

“It’s so funny when I play 155 games this year the bandwagon gonna be so real and I don’t wanna hear it!!” Chisholm wrote. “Your tweets have been bookmarked! #keepdoubting”

Out of the 162 games in a season, not many players compete in nearly every game. Chisholm was limited to 60 games last season due to injuries, but he seems to believe he will be healthy in 2023.

The most games he’s played in a single season during his three-year MLB career is 124 back in 2021.