Pass rusher Chase Young has looked like a steal so far for the San Francisco 49ers.

He's reached the quarterback in two games with the team by registering at least half a sack in each. Young has easily been a reason as to why the 49ers defense has improved out of the Bye week. But how exactly is Young impacting the 49ers defense positively? It is more than just him getting to the quarterback.

Kyle Shanahan was asked on a conference call on Monday about Young's impact and what he has brought to the defense.

"Chase is a real good rusher and he is really physical versus the run," said Shanahan. "So just adding to the collective unit, which has been huge for us. We try to have strength in numbers with our D-Line, we try to keep them fresh, we try to keep them going. So it's not just having to depend on one or two guys to make O-Linemen miss to get sacks. 

"It's creating edges on people, making the quarterback move, making the quarterback watch the rush. When you have more guys out there, it's really what makes it go. Adding Chase has been a huge one for the unit and that helps everyone else. Then he individually is good enough to make the plays too, which he's gotten those ops and he's come through with them.” 

Acquiring Young was never about singular production. Yes, his impact by himself is great, but really what he does is help the defensive line as a whole. The rotations on the defensive line can be implemented better, the alignments gain more flexibility with Young, and he can make the jobs of his teammates easier including the secondary. 

Now that the pass rush is looking like itself again, the 49ers secondary gets a bit of a boost as well. Young is giving the 49ers defense an overall significant impact. The crazy part is that he hasn't hit his stride yet. Imagine what will happen if he can keep ascending and take off. Although, if this is where he is capped at, that is fine as well, but I don't believe that will be the case with him.

If Young keeps this up, the 49ers will have to seriously make a push to re-sign him.