PITTSBURGH -- Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin is under fire after the team's offense continued to struggle, with no signs of light on how they will fix it. 

This season, the Steelers offense has shown small flashes, but the large majority has been the same struggles they've shown the last two seasons. With the team deciding to stick with Matt Canada as offensive coordinator, Tomlin is starting to take some heat regarding his loyalty to an unproven coach. 

However, being questioned from the outside noise and those within the organization are two different scenarios. Until this point, everyone has been backing their offensive coordinator, but according to ESPN analyst Louis Riddick, some inside the building are questioning Tomlin's loyalty to Canada. 

"They should be better than what they are," Riddick said on the Rich Eisen Show. "Ultimately, the question is going to be, and I’ve heard this question surrounding Matt Canada for years now, why is Mike so fiercely loyal to him? Why won’t he move on? Why won’t he make a decision like Sean McDermott did with Ken Dorsey?… I’ve heard this. This is a real thing in Pittsburgh externally and internally with that organization. Mike is loyal to him for some reason."

Riddick admits that he believes the situation could catch up to Tomlin, hindering his reputation as an NFL coach and any further success he has in this league. 

"There have been questions surrounding Matt Canada going back to Ben’s days," Riddick said. "And philosophically, if he really had the right plan relative to what their personnel was at the time. Now, is he able to really call plays situationally that highlight the best players on their football team and really allow them to be more explosive down the field? Primarily, the utilization of George Pickens. Why did he disappear late in the game yesterday? Why was he not targeted late in the game? How can he not be targeted?"

"And then there are obvious questions surrounding Kenny…now people are questioning whether or not Kenny Pickett is someone who was way over drafted," Riddick added later.

The Steelers are in a tough situation, as it's becoming more concerning that they'll need to find a new offensive coordinator and quarterback this offseason. And with aging veterans like Cam Heyward and Patrick Peterson looking to make the most out of their final years in the league, Tomlin could take some heat from the inside about hindering this team with his loyalty. 

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