Shohei Ohtani showed everyone Tuesday night that he is far and away the best player in baseball right now, a player who can do things nobody has really ever done in the game. 

Following his game-ending strikeout of his Angels teammate Mike Trout, Ohtani celebrated with his teammates and then was able to talk with another all-world pitcher, Pedro Martinez, who had a powerful message for the Angels star. 

Martinez is one of the best to ever do it, so to hear these words come out of his mouth had to mean a lot to Ohtani. 

As a baseball fan, this was just cool to watch: 

Martinez said: 

"On behalf of baseball, for all the fans, from all the players, for all of us that know baseball, we want to thank you for the effort, for the discipline, for everything you have done for baseball and what you represent to baseball. I just want to personally thank (you) for all you do, all you do. We are really proud and thankful and grateful for what you do - you’re a special human being. So we want to thank you and recognize you."

Powerful. And 100-percent correct.