You know it’s a bad night when even the Monday Night Football broadcast team is trolling you.

The New York Giants got beat by 17-plus points for the third time in four games this season, losing 24–3 to the Seahawks on national television. Naturally, a result like that (particularly with the brutal offensive performance that the Giants put up) sent plenty of fans at MetLife Stadium to the exits early. That produced a savage moment from Joe Buck and Troy Aikman, as they waited out the conclusion of the game.

The broadcast showed aerial video of traffic already backed up from fans leaving the stadium while the game was still in the fourth quarter.

“It’s gridlock getting out of here,” Buck said. “Fans have seen enough.”

Aikman’s response was priceless.

“It’ll clear out in time for us. We’ll just be strolling right down the road,” Aikman said.


The longtime Cowboys QB likely had a little extra fun trolling one of his team’s biggest rivals, but performances like last night’s make the Giants an easy target at the moment.

Fans loved the one-liner.