LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — 8 News Now sports reporter Ron Futrell picks his top 5 NFL Draft picks of all time as the 2022 NFL Draft heads to Las Vegas.

  1. Bart Starr – a legendary Green Bay Packer quarterback was chosen in the 17th round of the 1956 draft. Starr was the 200th overall out of Alabama and was a 5-time NFL champ. He was the MVP of the first two super bowls back when there were only 12 NFL teams at the time. In 1956 the draft actually had 30 rounds that year.
  2. Roger Staubach – the Dallas Cowboy played in 5 Super Bowls and was the MVP in Super Bowl 6 but on draft day 1964 the quarterback out of navy was a 10th rounder, 129th overall. The Chicago Bears took Larry Racketstraw two rounds before Staubach was chosen.
  3. Brett Favre – played as a quarterback out of Southern Mississippi and was taken by the Atlanta Falcons in the 2nd round and was the 33rd overall. Favre became a Hall of Famer with the Packers and Vikings. The Raiders took Todd Marinovich 9 picks before Favre was chosen.
  4. Joe Montana – was a number two draft pick and taken in the third round, 82 overall by the San Francisco 49ers during the 1979 NFL Draft
  5. Tom Brady – he was taken in the 6th round, 199th pick out of Michigan. Brady went on to win 6 Super Bowls with the New England Patriots.