OAKLAND (KGPE) – When fans chant your name, that is when you know that you are a fan favorite.

“I. Believe. In. Stephen. Vogt.”

We have been hearing that for years in the Bay Area, but we may only hear it for another couple of weeks as Stephen Vogt announced on Thursday that he will be retiring at the end of the season.

Vogt, who is from Visalia (Central Valley Christian HS), is currently in his second stint with the Oakland A’s. He also played for Atlanta, Arizona, San Francisco, Milwaukee and Tampa Bay since making his Major League debut in 2012.

He is a two-time all-star (2015, 2016).

“I’d love to stay in the game, whether it’s the media side, the coaching side, the front office side, I’m really open to anything and everything,” Vogt said. “Again, one of the things that I truly have tried to do and want to continue to do is just make this game a better place. I’ve had many people do that for me, and I want to continue to do that. The game is changing, and I was fortunate to kind of live that change.

“And so using those experiences, and the great managers that I have been fortunate to play for, I’m really open to just about anything moving forward.”