LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – New commercials will run throughout Southern Nevada on television and social channels featuring members of the Las Vegas Raiders urging everyone eligible to get a COVID-19 vaccine.

Darren Waller, John Simpson, and Alec Ingold donated their time for a total of five spots, which began airing Monday. The commercials ask members of the community to convince friends and family members to get vaccinated as soon as possible.

“I told him it was safe. Look at me,” said Waller at the start of one public service announcement. “I said I didn’t want him to get sick. I said we are all on the same team.”

The PSA notes 83 percent of people say they trust the recommendations of friends and family.

“I said it was important to our team and our fans,” said Simpson. “I said that Las Vegas needs us.”

The series was produced by the Las Vegas marketing powerhouse, R&R Partners, which has handled advertisements for the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority for decades. They are known for creating the successful ad campaign “What Happens Here, Stays Here.”