Which yellow comforter set is best?

Yellow is the color of bright sunshine, able to lighten a room as much as it can lighten your mind. Covering your bed with just a yellow comforter isn’t enough to complete a whole look — you need pillowcases or pillow shams too. Comforter sets include all or most of these items, so it’s a better value than purchasing them individually.

The best yellow comforter set is the Andency Pinch Pleated Comforter Set. It comes in a soft yellow so as not to overpower your room and uses microfiber for a comfortable sleep year-round. 

What to know before you buy a yellow comforter set

Topper types

“Comforter” is a catch-all term in comforter sets, as there are three types of toppers a set may include, with only one of them being a comforter.

  • Quilts stitch several pieces of fabric together to create unique patterns and designs and stuff the interior with thin — but warm — filling. They are the smallest topper and are rarely included in sets.
  • Comforters are the most commonly included, so sets are named after them. They are thickly stuffed and use special stitching to keep the filling in place.
  • Duvets are second-most included, but be cautious when shopping. Many sets only include a duvet cover as opposed to an actual duvet. These are the largest, fluffiest toppers.


Comforter sets come in all standard sizes and most variants, but they also come in mixed sizes. For example, a set may be marketed as “full/queen.” Be careful when buying mixed sizes as they may not comfortably fit your bed.

What’s included

Comforter sets typically include a topper or topper cover and a varying amount of pillowcases or pillow shams. For example, twin bed sets usually include one case or sham rather than the standard two. In some cases, you can find bedding sets that include the topper, pillowcases, shams and a complete set of sheets.

What to look for in a quality yellow comforter set

Exterior material

Comforters in sets are typically made of cotton, synthetics or a mix of the two, though there are other materials to choose from.

  • Cotton is arguably the best exterior material you can have. It’s breathable, soft, durable, easy to care for and usually affordable. Some specialty cottons, such as Egyptian, are superior for one reason or another, but they’re often more expensive.
  • Synthetic exteriors are typically made of microfiber polyester. It’s soft and durable but doesn’t breathe well. It’s the most common material, as it’s the cheapest to produce.
  • Mixed exteriors typically combine cotton and polyester to lower costs without sacrificing too much of cotton’s benefits.
  • Other materials used include bamboo, silk, suede and flannel. They all have pros and cons, such as flannel’s high heat retention or suede’s difficulty with being cleaned.

Fill material 

Comforters are stuffed with just as wide a variety of materials, though down and polyester are the most common.

  • Down is light, warm and natural, but it’s prone to trigger allergies in many people.
  • Polyester is hypoallergenic and cheap, but it doesn’t have the lightness or breathability of down.

How much you can expect to spend on a yellow comforter set

Yellow comforter sets typically cost $30-$150, though most top out around $50. Better sets typically start around $75, while the best sets start around $100 and can cost several hundred more.

Yellow comforter set FAQ

Are pillow shams necessary?

A. No. Pillow shams are included in comforter sets to increase their value and allow you to match every aspect of your bedding for the most cohesive look possible. If you want to go for a two-toned design or don’t want to use pillow shams at all, there are plenty of individual comforters to choose from.

Can I use a topper that’s bigger than my bed?

A. Absolutely. In fact, that’s a common design decision. If you want to go this route, keep two things in mind. First, double-check that the included pillow shams aren’t larger than your pillows, and if the set comes with sheets, make sure they are the correct size for your bed. Second, if using a duvet or duvet cover, make sure it has some kind of tab or loop at the corners so you can secure it to your bed — otherwise, it’s likely to slide off in the night.

What’s the best yellow comforter set to buy?

Top yellow comforter set 

Andency Pinch Pleated Comforter Set

Andency Pinch Pleated Comforter Set

What you need to know: It has an attractive design and the color isn’t too strong.

What you’ll love: The set is available in all standard sizes and includes the comforter and two pillowcases. The exterior and interior use microfiber for a soft, cool and hypoallergenic sleep in any season. The pintuck pleating looks great and keeps the fill from shifting.

What you should consider: A few consumers said they received stained or ripped comforters. Some found it to be thinner than anticipated. It takes time for the comforter to decompress from its vacuum packaging.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top yellow comforter set for the money

Hig Reversible Comforter Set

Hig Reversible Comforter Set

What you need to know: The reversible side gives you three looks in one.

What you’ll love: The set is available in three sizes and includes the comforter and two pillowcases. The reverse side is light gray — on both the comforter and pillowcases — so you can have a yellow, gray or two-tone look. Box stitching keeps the hypoallergenic down alternative fill in place.

What you should consider: Some customers said the set fits smaller than expected. Others reported shrinkage after the first wash, worsening the fit issue.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Uhamho Faux Fur Velvet Comforter Set

Uhamho Faux Fur Velvet Comforter Set

What you need to know: It’s perfect for those who want to shake up their bed’s aesthetics.

What you’ll love: It’s available in twin, queen and king sizes. It’s reversible, with one side using microfiber faux fur and the other using suede velvet, both in the same shade of yellow. Everything is machine-washable and -dryable. The zippers are hidden, and the duvet cover edges have tabs at the corners.

What you should consider: It includes only a duvet cover, so you’ll need your own duvet.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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