The 2016 Renew-A-Ride winners were the Byers Family! Out of 1,200 nominations CBS47 and our partnering sponsors narrowed all our worthy nominations down to just 3 families then opened it up to the community to vote.

The CBS47 Renew-A-Ride 2016 Chevy Malibu was originally a Hertz rental car. It was stolen and wrecked with just 3,700 miles on it.

The mirrors were gone, the sides were scraped, and there was body damage.

“So we’re going to fix it up…put it back together and give it to a family,” said Brett Hedrick of Hedrick’s Chevrolet.

Hedrick‘s, along with Hertz, All Access, Kids Moving Incorporated, All American Glass, The Salvation Army, and Midas all helped sponsor Renew-A-Ride so one deserving family could receive a renewed car just in time for the holidays.

“I was able to help out, so pretty excited about the opportunity,” said Chris Gerhart of Hertz.

Kids Moving Incorporated also got involved.

“We want to help families, we want to help people, we want to help kids, so any way, shape or form we can do that. So giving a car to a needy family seems like something we would definitely want to do,” said Nate Dalena of Kids Moving Incorporated.

While the Chevy Malibu was being renewed, viewers from all over the Central Valley nominated families that they believed deserved a renewed car.

Over 1,200 nominations were received from October 24th to November 20th. The list was then narrowed down to 920 entries due to incomplete entries.

A select panel consisting of CBS47 and Renew-A-Ride sponsors then read through each and every nomination and narrowed the results down to 3 finalists.

And on December 15, CBS47 announced the Renew-A-Ride winner: The Byers Family! They received a renewed 2016 Chevy Malibu.

You can find out more about the finalists below.

The Byers Family (2016 winner)

Byers Family GoFundMe page

The Moreno Family (2016 finalist)

Moreno Family GoFundMe page

The Soza Family (2016 finalist)

Soza Family GoFundMe page