KSEE 24’s ‘Your Character Matters’ series with the Tulare County Office of Education continues with a spotlight on Tulare Western High School. At Tulare Western, character education is at the forefront — from the classroom to the stadium.

The school’s Associated Student Body program is creating leaders who show that school spirit doesn’t stop at the end of the game. When the last game whistle blows and the football team goes home, ASB students are still in the stands. Not cheering, but rather, picking up trash.

“We take a lot of pride in making sure the stadium is cleaner than when we arrived,” said Tulare Western ASB President, Bailey Leal. “If we decorate, we pick up.”

It’s actions like these that Tulare Western High School’s Director of Activities, Stephen Amundson, teaches in his class. “We have a saying that we say everyday in class, ‘Leadership starts with you but it’s not about you,” Amundson said.

Leading by example, ASB President Bailey Leal added that serving the community is just what they do.

“I think the maintenance people don’t get that much recognition and it is the least we could do.”

It’s not a glamorous job, but these kids have made it their job. The ASB students have picked up trash after every football game this season — even at away games not in their home stadium.

“They don’t seek the recognition. Their reward is serving other people and by helping other people,” Principal Kevin Covert of Tulare Western High School said.

“At the end of the day, I am most proud of the trash piles,” Stephen Amundson added. “Every time I ask them to do something they are allergic to average. They go above and beyond average things.”