FRESNO, Calif. — The short film ‘Dirty Bomb’ premiered in Fresno on Wednesday night.

It’s the true story about a concentration camp prisoner who sabotages the V2 bomb he was forced to build, he saved thousands of lives.

“They were heroes because we don’t know who they were. I wanted to make a movie about them, the 200 hung for their sabotage,” said Valerie Boolootian McCaffrey, Dirty Bomb writer and Director.

\Valerie Boolootian McCaffrey wrote and directed the film. She is a Fresno native and she filmed parts of the movie right here in the valley.

“I thought hey if I’m going to travel to do this, I might as well call Fresno and shoot in my hometown.,” Boolootian McCafferey.

The lead actors said it was a special night to see a film made locally come full circle.

“It is amazing to see it come back to the film cause it had a huge part in it,” said Ido Samuel, actor.

“I was like wow this is what these soldiers went through,” said Clayton Haymes.

They hope ‘Dirty Bomb’ will teach the community about what the heroes of that time did.

“One person with the smallest power in the world can make a great difference,” said Samuel.

The ‘Dirty Bomb’ Cast and crew will be heading to the Cannes Film Festival in May.