Witness Recalls Panic After Explosive Device Suspect Runs Into Fresno Panera Bread


FRESNO, Calif. — A man led officers on a short vehicle pursuit where it ended at Shaw and Marty avenues near a Panera Bread.

Fresno Police Lt. Bill Dooley says he ran inside the restaurant where police tackled him and he advised them an explosive device fell out of his pocket.

Angelica Tavares was walking out of Big Lots with her uncle when they heard a loud screach. They said the car was on Shaw Ave., jumped over the center divider, made a sharp turn, then turned into the Big Lots Parking Lot. 

Angelica said the car zoomed by her and her uncle.

“He turns into the Big Lots parking lot and almost hits us. We had to jump onto the sidewalk there and into the doors because he almost hit us he was coming so fast,” said Angelica Tavares, witness. 

Angelica said the suspect kept driving at a high speed in the parking lot but then she says the suspect jumped out and rolls on the ground.

She said he then ran into the Panera Bread but all of this while she says the car kept driving across the road into the black bear diner parking lot and that’s when it hit multiple cars.

Angelica said her Uncle called police and a few minutes later. Angelica said they then swarmed this Panera Bread and police instructed everyone to leave.

She said people were running away and had never seen anything like it.

She said she is thankful both her and her uncle and others are safe, and that this situation wasn’t worse. 

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