With Increase in Snow Fall Tire Shops See Increase in Chain Sales


With so many valley residents heading to the mountains to check out the snow, some tire shops are selling out of chains.

The snow is covering everything on the way to Shaver Lake.

Caltrans is along the highway checking if drivers have their chains or the right kind of tires.

But some travelers like Sheri Tubbs and her family had to stop early.

“We do not have chains so they are not letting everyone up past this point so we joined everyone else at this point,” said traveler Sheri Tubbs. 

Caltrans says to check weather conditions before you travel, understand which level of chain control is required and don’t drive around the chain control areas to get to the snow.

“It is going to be dangerous situation for you and cause more problems for everybody else.”

Micky Cardwell, the assistant manager at Les Schwab Tire Center in Clovis says this season he’s been selling more chains than usual.

“Normally we only place one order for the entire year but because of how much we have been busy this year we have had to buy a couple of different orders,” said Cardwell.  

He says before you make your way double check that your chains are centered and stays loose as you drive.

“You are then going to drive about two car lengths get out unhook this chain then pull it back through the links, pull it tight again and thread it back through,” he added.  

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