Winter weather prompts chain control, multiple road closures, and closed schools


The town of Oakhurst and Coarsegold saw a significant amount of snow within the past 24 hours. Which prompted chain control, multiple road closures, and closed schools. 

Nathan Hawthorne lives in Oakhurst and says he has not seen this much snow in Oakhurst in a long time. Hawthorne says he tried leaving his house to go to work early in the morning but saw the road conditions and decided to wait it out.

“Chain signs were on so people shouldn’t of been on the roads that early they haven’t been plowed yet,” says Hawthorne. “So, anybody who was driving without chains was making a big mistake.”

California Highway Patrol in Oakhurst say the large amount of snow prompted multiple road closures along highway 41. 

Luis Lugo is the Public Information Officer for Oakhurst CHP. He says the winter weather went from bad to worse within a matter of minutes as snow covered the streets. 

“The road conditions were pretty bad,” says Lugo. “We had some road closures overnight and we had mandatory chain control.”

Along with mandatory chain control Lugo says they nearly doubled their on duty officers to keep up with the many accidents called in due to the winter conditions. 

“Anywhere from about 15 to 20 traffic hazards that were called in from when the snow had started,” says Lugo. “These calls involved 11 vehicles stuck in one place or five to six vehicles here and there.”

Darin Soukup is the Director of Oakhurst Community College. He said multiple faculty and staff including himself were snowed in this morning which prompted them to close the school down for the day. Oakhurst elementary and high school were also closed due to the overwhelming amount of snow. 

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