Winds Rips Through Valley Causing Damage, Fire Crews Say It Was Similar Call Volume to July 4th


FRESNO, Calif. — Wind swept through the valley, rustling leaves, and causing damage wherever it hit.

A light pole near Bullard High School came crashing down on a Mercedes. 

“All of a sudden we heard a crash and I tell my wife ‘I think that is where we parked’ and sure enough the pole is on the car,” said Jim Cosentino, car owner. 

Jim Cosentino owns the car and parked it there to avoid the baseballs from his grandson’s game, but turns out, that was the least of his worries. 

“I said a few cuss words and that was it,” said Cosentino. 

In other areas in Fresno, power lines were down resting on trees and the force ripped some in half near a busy road. It caused power outages at intersections. 

A eucalyptus tree came crashing down, luckily it didn’t injure anyone. CHP responded soon after to a car crashing right into it. 

“The tree was already down and the driver said she just didn’t notice it in the roadway,” Nicholas Scofield, CHP officer. 

Fresno Fire crews were working non-stop responding an extremely high call volume. 

“Between 4:30 and 6 there were about 100 calls,” said Bob Van Tassel, Battalion Chief, Fresno Fire Department. 

As for Cosentino, his grandson won his baseball game the one saving grace after seeing his car like this.  

 “One in a million and I’m the millionaire,” said Cosentino. 

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