Will California GOP fragment after mid-term debacle?


The Republican party has fallen on hard times in California. Local examples include the loss of incumbent Senator Andy Vidak, and the likely loss of incumbent Republican Representative David Valadao of the 21st district to relatively unknown Democrat challenger TJ Cox.

There is now renewed interest in forming a group that would be known as “New Way California”, which would be a faction of the state’s more moderate Republicans.  

Political analysts in Sacramento say some “Never Trump” Republicans actually voted against their own party in some districts due to the controversial political style of the President.

Sacramento political analyst Mike Madrid says fragmentation of both parties isn’t so much a question of “if”, but rather of “when”.  I think what we’re likely to see is not three parties, or a third party, but four parties as these groups splinter” says Madrid, referring to disaffected Democrats who don’t think those now in the legislature are progressive enough and who could split off to form their own new party.

Fresno conservative radio host Guillermo Moreno says at the end of the day the GOP was hammered at the polls due to poor planning, and aggressive voter recruitment by Democrats. “The reason why you’re seeing such a large number of California democrats being elected is because of the large amount of focus that the democrats have put into voter registration. Voter harvesting”, says Moreno.

Fresno Democratic party chair Michael Evans has a different take. “The only surprise to me is that the gop still has congressional districts in California”, says Evans.  

Moreno counters that the winning strategy for a GOP comeback is to stick with Trump. 
“I think individuals need to embrace the “Trumponian” type of style and say , ‘look this is why i differ from these democrats’. And i believe that is actually the winning formula for California”

In the meantime Evans says Democrats now have all the power in California, and are getting ready to use it. “So we’ll maintain super majorities in both houses of the state legislature and that means that we can move forward aggressively with an agenda that’s going to serve all Californians. And we will do that”.

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