MARIPOSA COUNTY, Calif. (KSEE/KGPE) – As the Oak Fire continues to rage through Mariposa, evacuees are anxiously waiting to hear the status of their homes.

An evacuation center set up at Mariposa Elementary School has been providing shelter for evacuees forced to flee their homes, including the Browns.

On Friday, the Browns only had a matter of minutes to get out of their home and evacuate to safety as they saw the Oak Fire burning in their backyard.

They say they were prepared because of a program they learned about a couple of weeks ago and are sharing their message in order to help others prepare for wildfire season.

An arts and crafts classroom at Mariposa Elementary School has been turned into a bedroom for Lynda Reynolds-Brown and Aubrey Brown.

“It’s making lemonade out of lemons and we are doing the best that we can,” explained Lynda.

The couple, originally from the East Coast, moved to Mariposa a year and a half ago from the Bay Area to escape the city life.

“Really, we wanted to get back to that simple country life where you know your neighbors and they aren’t all on top of you that kinda thing,” Lynda said.

Aubrey was in his garage when he looked out the window to see a massive plume of smoke just after the fire broke out.

“Everything was orange,” said Aubrey.

Lynda snapped a picture of Aubrey as the fire erupted on the mountainside.

“I turned my head and said the fire is big and when I turned back around, it had went down the hill. It was moving really quick, so I said time to go,” said Lynda.

Fearful but prepared, the Browns grabbed the suitcases they packed just a week ago after taking a fire training held by their mountain community.

“I’ll tell you if we didn’t have that plan and gone through that paper just the week before, I think we would have been blithering idiots,” Lynda said.

While a cot isn’t as comfortable as their own bed, the Browns are grateful for their mountain community, especially the Red Cross and the first responders working day and night so they can return back home soon.

“Have my real toothbrush. Hahaha yeah, there are little things you miss but home is home. Home is home. And fingers crossed it will be okay and if not, we will deal with it,” said Lynda.