YOSEMITE NATIONAL PARK, Calif. (KSEE/KGPE) – Additional equipment and reinforcements headed up to Yosemite National Park as crews went into battle against the Washburn Fire for the sixth day.

The blaze threatens historic landmarks and some of the world’s oldest and largest trees.

During a community meeting on Monday night, the park’s superintendent said the fire is under investigation but was human-caused.

“As you, all know there was no lightning on that day, so it is a human-start fire and it’s under investigation,” said Superintendent Cicely Muldoon. “That is all I can say about it right now, we are looking at it real, real hard.”

Crews are using all tools in their toolbox to try to contain the blaze, including a 10,000-gallon heliwell. The course is in the history books as the first regulated course in the Sierra Nevada.

“The location is strategic, so we have the water as close as possible to the fire,” said Fire Management Spokesperson Robbie Johnson.

The well is about half the size of an average swimming pool and pulls recycled groundwater from the park. Johnson called this resource vital as crews battle the inferno.

“We will have a faster turnaround time to get to the fire and that is always an advantage our ground crews are working so hard. So, the more resources we can get to them will definitely make an improvement in our response,” said Johnson.

The weather and the dry conditions on the fire’s side, with most of the dead fuel trees killed by the bark beetle.

The Washburn Fire has entered its sixth day inside Yosemite National Park. (Photo: NPS)

“It is just so dry out there and we have to keep that in mind as we battle this,” said Johnson. “This is a full suppression fire and we have to keep that in mind. We have multiple agencies so we are attacking this fire and going after it as hard as we can.”

The giant sequoias continue to stand tall with firefighters raking debris and setting up protective sprinklers

The south entrance into the park is closed the closest gate is off Highway 140.  

A map of the gates into Yosemite National Park can be found below:

The gate in red is closed, the rest are open and the gates in green are the closest to the south entrance gate.