When a super fan loses his most prized possessions, pro wrestlers show how much they care


Some pro wrestlers showed off their soft side Saturday night to help a fan who lost nearly everything when a fire ripped through his family’s home. One of the biggest losses in that fire? A wall of wrestling memorabilia. Well, it’s been replaced — and then some.

Saturday’s even started like any other night hosted by Best of the West, until Morgan Boyle was called over. He’s a known super fan and his dad, Dennis Boyle, contacted commentator A.J. Kirsch for some help after Morgan’s wrestling possessions were destroyed in a fire last month.

“[He asked me] if there’s anything you can do to kind of just rebuild his wrestling wall, then he would be super grateful,” Kirsch said.

It was no question Kirsch would easily get the help from everyone involved with Best of the West. However, he wanted to see who else would come through.

“I sent out a tweet just asking the wrestling community to donate whatever they could,” Kirsch said.

Donate they did — wrestlers from all over the country and world sent in autographed posters, action figures, books, comics and other memorabilia to give to Morgan.

Also thanks to Kirsch’s tweet, WWE heard about the Boyles’ situation. It sent over Morgan his own championship belt, decorated with many autographs.

But that’s not all WWE had for Morgan.

“Next time WWE comes to town, you’ve got tickets,” Kirsch told the Boyle family at the event. “And Becky Lynch is going to take you backstage.”

While the Boyle family had a sense that something was going to happen for Morgan, both Dennis and his wife, Michelle Boyle, had no idea it was going to be of this magnitude.

“We had absolutely no idea it was going to be like this,” Dennis said.

Michelle added, “I’m still in shock. I’m pretty sure we’re still in shock.”

It just goes to show, you can look tough, but have the biggest heart out there.

“It’s nights like tonight that are a welcome reminder of what we do matters,” Kirsch said.

The Boyles do have a GoFundMe campaign to not just help with getting a new home and replace other possessions destroyed in the fire — but to help with medical costs for some burns.

You can find the GoFundMe by clicking here. Be warned, there are some graphic images.

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