WATCH: Car nearly hits family as it crashes into Napa restaurant


A woman and two children miraculously escaped being hit by a car that nearly crashed into a Napa restaurant Monday. 

The family was just stepping out of the Villa Corona restaurant the driver of the car lost control. 

“It was crazy, it was scary!” employee Vivian Saldivar said. ” It, just, everything flying. Dirt, pots, breaking tables, umbrellas, all of our patio set was everywhere.”

Vivian Saldivar has worked at Villa Corona for 13 years. She had just watched the family step outside that restaurant when she heard the crash.

“What I saw yesterday was like a movie scene,” Saldivar said. “I’ve never seen anything like that in front of me.”

The car finally stopped, crashing into a concrete wall just behind someone’s house.

The driver and the young girl who looks like she might’ve gotten hit by a chair did go to the hospital, but thankfully only suffered minor injuries. 

Video of the car crashing into the restaurant was captured on surveillance cameras.

The Napa Police Department shared the video saying that it’s a good reminder to be aware of your surroundings. 

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