A Visalia woman is accused of having a sexual relationship with a 15-year-old boy. Police arrested 28-year-old Amber Schultz on Friday. The investigation began in late August.

Schultz was booked into Tulare County Jail, charged with having unlawful sex with a minor. Police say she engaged in sexual activity with the victim on at least three different occasions.

Visalia Police say the Violent Crimes Unit began investigating a possible relationship between 28-year-old Amber Schultz and a 15-year-old boy when detectives were contacted by the boy’s parents.

“I do know that the parents had intercepted some messages between the suspect and victim and that’s kind of what started this whole thing,” said Lieutenant James Andrews.

Investigators say they discovered evidence of a relationship that may have started back in June, followed by lewd messages exchanged on social media, they say.

“This is a perfect example for parents elsewhere to stay involved in their kids’ activities including social media,” said Andrews.

CBS47 & KSEE24 confirmed police arrested Schultz on Friday while at work at Hobby Lobby in the Sequoia Mall.

Marilyn Malloy is a mother of two and said she’s shocked. Her oldest boy is 14 and she says in this day and age of constant social media activity, parents have to be on high alert.

“It’s very difficult being a parent because you constantly have to just be watching your kids even when you can’t always be there,” said Malloy.

It’s unknown how Schultz met the minor. Detectives continue to investigate as Schultz faces felony charges including lewd acts upon a child and unlawful sexual intercourse.

“I hope it’s not true for everybody’s sake and people can move on and go on with their life,” said Malloy.

Schultz’s bail is set at $1,270,000. Her court date is next Tuesday.